Emma aime is a lifestyle blog written by Emma Pavitt. Emma draws inspiration from her everyday life to bring you posts on vintage fashion from the 40's and 50's, old movies, books, sewing, cooking and general housewifery, days out and travel and of course tattoos!

Emma aime attacts around 2000 readers weekly and continues to grow

American readers count for approximately 60% of traffic, followed by British at 20%

The average reader is female, aged between 18-50, but Emma aime appeals to a wide range of readers with a variety of different interests.

Why do people choose Emma aime?

Emma aime provides a source of fashion inspiration away from the mainstream. The blog concentrates on vintage style not current trends. As Chanel herself said “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” It's all about creating a personal sense of style rather than following the fleeting fashions of the moment.

Emma aime conentrates on styles to suit any budget!

Emma aime is a posative and upbeat site that promotes happiness through posative self image teaching people to aspire to posative role models and embrace their individuality.

Emma aime appeals to a wide range of readers with a diverse group of interest.

While Emma aime offers basic advertising through the Project Wonderful site, there are key premium spaces available at reasonable rate.

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