Friday, October 16, 2009

Emma aime ... my favourite things!

- squishing wet sand between my toes
- the feel of the sun on my skin
- watching the sun rise on a summer morning
- craking open a boiled egg and pushing in a toast soldier so the yoke runs over the top
- swinging high on a swing and watching the sky zoom past overhead
- riding a carousel
- star gazing on a clear warm night
- the smell of a blown out candle
- standing on the porch and watching the lightning on a stormy night
- climbing into a freshly made bed and smelling the clean sheets

- feelng a soft kiss on the back of my neck
- my hubbie stroking my forehead as I fall asleep
- cuddling up by the fire on a cold winters night
- picking the first flower of spring and wearing it in my hair
- sitting in my nans garden, shelling freshly picked peas from their pod

What are your favourite things dear readers? ... x

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