Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween/Samhain vs Beltane dilema

I'm having a dilemma with the whole commercial Halloween thing this year.

Being a pagan that just moved to Australia I'm having some problems adjusting my sabbats to suit the seasons. It was very convenient in the UK for me as my partners, family and friends are non-pagan that while they celebrated as Christmas, I celebrated Yule, they had Easter and I had Oestare, they had Halloween while I had Samhain and while they of for Mayday at some school fete or county show with a maypole and moris dancers I was celebrating Beltane.

It seems strange to me that the "commercial" Halloween that I associate with Samhain, the beginning of winter, dark cold nights and being cosied up inside with warm pumpkin pie doing something spooky, is celebrated here in spring, a time I associate with flowers blooming and baby animals being born.

It is much harder here as a pagan surrounded by non-pagans for me to celebrate the seasons as I'm now celebrating the exact opposite of those around me. An example of this is the Halloween party were having for the children at the creche where I work. So in order to help with this dilemma I have decided that while everyone else is dressing up as witches, devils, ghosts ect, I will be coming as a "spring fairy"

Here is the headdress I have made to go with my outfit:Beltane headdress @ Emma aime
I will post pictures of my outfit after the party!
So if there are any pagans out there that experience the same dilemma or have some suggestions to help me please msg me or leave comments!

Happy Halloween/Beltane dear readers ... x


  1. The headdress is really pretty can't wait to see the whole outfit x

  2. Thanks, I didnt get a pic of my outfit on the day but I will get dressed up again and get the hubby to snap a few pics at some point soon. Unfortunately I dont have a great camera so I'll appologise for the photo quality in advance! x