Thursday, November 26, 2009

Amelie's Kitchen

As you already know I adore Amelie. I love the style of the film and her vintage style apartment in Paris. The whole idea is quite romantic. I've been experimenting with Polyvore today for the first time so in the future I can bring you my own sets as well as than linking other peoples in my blog.

So here is Amelie's Kitchen:

I wanted to add a few other items that were perfect for the set but unfortunately Polyvore clipper would not let me clip them so here they are:

This 1950's kitchen dining table is $250 at Know Your Products

These pair of danish side chairs from the 1960's are also from Know Your Products and are $360
Happy Polyvore-ing dear readers ... x


  1. My kitchen is stuck in the 40s

  2. Oh you lucky thing! I'd love that!
    We're renting our place so we're stuck with a bland modern white melamine kitchen! x