Monday, November 16, 2009

My Perfect Vintage Christmas

Thinking about my perfect vintage Christmas for SKM's Christmas competition, it occurred to me that living in a recession the best time to concentrate on would be World War II to create a perfect vintage Christmas on a budget.

Christmas Dinner:
During the war basic foodstuff were rationed. The wartime housewife had to be resourceful in finding substitutes for ingredients. Good Housekeeping and The Ministry of Information gave out helpful information and handy recipes for Christmas dinner. Wartime Christmas recipes can be found here.

Gifts were difficult to obtain so people made gifts. This is something that I'm doing this year. Nowadays people rush around the shops madly at Christmas blindly grabbing gifts. I want to put more time, thought and effort into my gifts to actually make something that people want/need. I feel this makes Christmas alot more personal.

People made their own entertainment in the war. Families got together and played board and card games. Pantomimes and plays and singing carols were common. Why not look for your local "Carols in the Park" service as a free way to get into the Christmas spirit.


People made decorations from whatever as available. Paper chains were made to make the house more Christmasy. A small artificial tree that could be transported easily to the bomb shelter was beneficial. Why not make your own decorations for some personal Christmas cheer?

With men away fighting and many children evacuated, families were often separated at Christmastime. However people rallied with friends and neighbours and extended a hand to people less fortunate in order to show Christmas spirit.

Which makes me think that the most important thing about a vintage Christmas was making the most of what you had and spending time with the people that you love around you.

Merry Christmas dear readers ... x


  1. Wonderful post...We make our own decorations and keep it as traditional as possible...Have a gr8 weekend x

  2. Thanks! Have you entered Super Kawaii Mamas competition? There some fab prizes up for grabs and its a great blog to read.

    I made all my tree decprations a few years back and had a sort of edible theme, there was gingerbread decorations, dried cranberry and popcorn threads, candy canes, chocolate money, the works! x

  3. Oh I just love this !! You have such a way with words - and I am intrigued by how you used chocolate money in your chrissy decs....I know three little poppets who would jump and clap hands over lollies and chocolates strung all over the house, I am tempted myself !!! Great post - good luck with the comp, and enjoy this wonderful season of the year !!XX