Monday, March 15, 2010

My Dressmaking Plans Scuppered

My plan to take in all my too big clothes and make a new dress with the help from my Mum were scuppered yesterday. When we got my new sewing machine out and tried it we realised that the thread feeder was no good and the thread kept snapping. I suppose that this is what happens when you buy a cheap sewing machine but I didn't want to spend too much money on a machine when I'm new to dressmaking and might not be any good at it.
Luckily the Italian Fairy came to my rescue and is lending me her machine on Friday so I can make inroads into the huge pile of clothes I have for alterations. Once I get a bit better at using the machine I will attempt to make a dress. Ive been picking up some gorgeous patterns on Etsy and Ebay. So I'll keep you all posted.

On a separate note I want to say a big thanks to Glasgow Galah who has left some lovely messages on her blog, When I grow up I'm going to be a Pinup Girl about my blog recently. It's always nice to see that someone actually reads my ramblings and enjoys it so I was really chuffed to see her comments.


  1. Awww,thanks for the mention hon.Just wanted to ask if you've ever done a dressmaking course or is it just lessons you've had from your mother? My mum is quite a whizz with the sewing machine,I really wish I'd asked her to teach me,so instead I'm contemplating a course when I get to goal and then I can start whipping up some simple but oh so cute pin up dresses :D x

  2. Your welcome I was quite chuffed to see your comments. Ive never had dressmaking lessons. I looked into it but couldnt find any around cronulla. My mums just showing me how to do dressmaiking then I have a go on my own and see how things work out. x