Thursday, June 24, 2010

Be Your Own Idol

We all have people we idolise but sometimes this idolisation can have a dark side and turn into jealousy. Instead of being jealous of other peoples success why not become your own idol?

I personally idolise:
♥ A whole host of burlesque beauties especially the divine Dita Von Teese for her beautiful body, her classic 1940's look and the confidence to get up on stage and take her clothes of in front of an audience!
Super Kawaii Mama for her fantastic style that she maintains everyday, her gorgeous wardrobe and her fab blog and the opportunities that it has brought her way and her seemingly glamorous lifestyle
♥ A whole host of stunning pin-ups including Bernie Dexter, Dorris Mayday and Fleur de Guerre whose fab blog, Diary of a Vintage Girl I follow avidly.

There are a few thing we must remember is none of these fabulous and inspiring women got where they did today by luck, They all worked hard to create opportunities for themselves in order to become as successful as they are today. Also I’m pretty sure that most of the women's lives I admire are all glitz and glamour although that may be what we see of them. These women still may have families to look after and homes to run, still may go home and climb into their comfy PJ's and granny slippers and even the divine Dita probably has days when she isn't feeling too good. She has to work hard to keep up her image, ward of paparazzi and work on her latest show, book, project etc so I don't envy her for that!

You to can become your only idol all it takes is commitment, hard work, determination, some forward planning and confidence.

First work out what it is you admire about these women. Is it their style, their job, the way the carry themselves with confidence etc. Once you have made a list write down beside each attribute what you can do to achieve this for yourself. Go through your goals and disregard any that are unrealistic. This doesn’t mean ones that will take hard work and or money but rather those that you could not possible achieve such as a 6ft glamazon wanting the waist size of Miss von Teese who is a petite 5ft 4”. It simply would not be healthy. However do not disregard this goal completely you simply need to readjust it to make it possible. You can do this by picking someone more suited to your size such as the fabulous Immodesty Blaize who is a gorgeous burlesque glamazon.

We all have an ideal image in our head of how we would like to look. This may be thinner, taller, with a different hair colour or texture, tattoos or piercings, dressing differently or presenting ourselves differently such as having more confidence. Add these attributes to your personal idol list and write down next to each what you would need to do to achieve each one.

Make a list of personal mantras such as:
"I will have a body like Dita's by Christmas. I will achieve this by going to the gym 3 times a week"
and/or make an inspiration board with pictures of the things you want to achieve and place them in a prominent place where you will see them a few times each day such as the fridge or on your mirror.

Remember that being an idol is not just about the way you look but also the things you do. I am a huge list maker. I write lists of things I want to buy, things I want to try, where I cant to be in 5 years and I find it really helps me focus on my goals. Megan who writes a wonderful blog called Charade posted a fab article entitled 5 To-Do Lists That Could Change Your Life. Its definitely worth a read!

Now the difficult part:
Now you have made your lists, mantras and inspiration board you need to actually get off your butt and do something about it. This can be the scary part as it is only ourselves that hold us back from achieving our dreams. This is often through fear, lack of confidence or sometimes plain laziness.
Set yourself time limits to achieve your goals/mantras by. You can do this for each individual goal or overall for all of them. Its also a good idea if you have a friend that would like to take my 'be your own idol challenge' to team up with them so you can keep each other motivated.

In my next post I will share my personal idol goals with you and over the coming months I will keep you updated with my progress. Please feel free to post your own personal 'idol goals' as comments. Over the next coming months if this is a big hit I hope to set up a 'be your own idol' forum where you can share your goals and gain help and inspiration from people also taking the challenge.

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