Friday, July 2, 2010

Sydney Winter Festival

The hubby and I unintentionally gatecrashed (we didn't see the entrance with security guards and entry fees honest!) the Winter Festival at the forecourt of St Marys Cathedral last night. It was a beautiful night and thankfully after playing around with my camera a bit Ive worked out how to get decent night shots so I've got the pics to prove it!
The Festival is on until 4th July and includes a fab ice skating rink (we didn't have a spin on as I am an awful skater and didn't want to do myself or other people damage!), a traditional alpine food market with food from Austria, Switzerland and Bavaria and fab rides including a zorb ball and syco swing board! Hubby and I warmed our cockles with some delicious mulled wine which was $10 including the mug. The hubby being the thrifty person he was noticed many people had abandoned their free mugs so he hastily gave 5 a new home!

Check out the festival for yourselves dear readers ... x

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