Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daily Outfit: Black Friday

It was Friday 13th this week or 'Black Friday' as it was dubbed by the UN girlies so we all attended the pub suitably attired in our best black clothes. This was my contribution to black Friday. Dress - ChicStar
Kidskin Gloves - Vintage
Pillbox hat - EBay (can't remember the seller as it was a while ago!)
Jacket - Custom made by a seller on EBay (whom I also cant remember!)


  1. looks friday the 13th, good idea...

  2. The gloves look amazing! I really want a pair like that.

  3. Thanks Joe!!

    Miss Emmi - the gloves were an absolute ebay steal I think I paid $20 for them and their genuine 1940s kidskin in perfect condition. I have seen a few similar pairs come up on etsy and ebay!