Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Bookworm Presents: A Vintage Affair

A vintage Affair is a fab page turner (I loved it so much I read it in a night!) that tells the story of Phobe Smith, an ex textile and clothing specialist at Southerbys who after a personal tragedy leaves her job to open her own vintage clothing shop. Phobe is contacted by the elderly Mrs Bell after an article about the store is printed in the local paper. Mrs Bell has a wardrobe of vintage pieces to get rid of but just one a child's blue coat she refuses to let go.

The book tells the story of the tragedies that have touched Phobe and Mrs Bells life and how by finding each other they learn to let go of their pasts. The cover of the book and the tagline “Do fairytale dresses bring fairytale endings?” may have potential readers rejecting the book as a fluffy chick-lit but this is not the case. The book is insightful and well written with believable relationships and a mystery that keeps you hooked from beginning to end. The author Isabel Wolff has obviously thoroughly researched vintage clothing and it makes for a delightful read that is the perfect accompaniment to a bubble bath with a nice glass of wine.

Here is what the writer Isabel Wolff has to say about the book:

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