Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Washing Machine Ate My Bras

No its not the title of some dodgy B film its a fact! Well it was partly the hubby's fault as he put my bras in the wash without putting them in the delicates bag but I didn't expect our machine to mangle them quite so badly. So what better excuse to buy new bras. I'd been putting off getting measured for a while as it can be a little awkward and embarrassing but I'd got to the point where my old bras were definitely new small so when the hubby offered to treat me to some new ones I jumped at the chance and dragged him along to La Senza.

La Senza is a fab lingerie store. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They helped me find the right size bra with out any of that awkward and exposed feeling of being measured. In fact there wasn't a measuring tape in sight. The shop assistant just got me to try the size I thought I was (34C) then came to see how the bra was fitting and the worked on a system of trial and error from there. It turned out I am in fact a 34D not 34C so my new bras are a hell of a lot more comfy and there's no overspill!

Better yet La Senza have an offer on their cotton bras at the moment - you can get 2 for $39.99 so they're great quality all round.


  1. I am in love with strapless wonderbra. It is very comfortable and looks better than the picture. I would recommend ordering a size up than what you normally wear.

    1. Thanks Cathy I will give that a try!