Monday, December 20, 2010

Work Uniform Woes

As I may have mentioned a few weeks ago I have a new job. It's at my local Austalia wide bakery business (not mentioning any names but I'm sure my Aussie readers can work it out!) and whilst it is not exactly inspiring work it is still very exciting for me mostly because of the extra money that it brings in. I'm already planning all the retro-inspired and vintage clothes and shoes I'm going to buy!

However I was mortified when I was supplied with a white polo shirt, beige (ick ick!) shorts, beige cap and burgundy apron as uniform. Not only have a never owned anything beige in my life but the uniform does not match my tastes and leaves no room for personal style. I am neglecting to post a picture of me in uniform here because its just too ugly but here is my personal redesign of how I would chose to wear it given the option:


  1. Thanks girlies - now i just need to persuade the company x

  2. You got my signing for this petition right now. ;")