Monday, January 24, 2011

What Emma Did - 23rd January 2011

I just realised I've failed to post my 'What Emma Did' post on time yet again. So without further ado this week I have been:

Going with the hubby to watch Burlesque (the movie) which although wasn't really burlesque and had a plot that was a little hard to believe at times was still alot of fun!
Having my nephew stay over for a few days and watching Heston's Feasts with him in readiness for when we see Heston in person in March.
Finishing the Bachman books so I'm now at a loss for something to read. (I will have to search the piles of books stacked up ready to be boxed)
Going to the pub to see the girlies and having the lovely surprise that our two friends Grantus and Barb were here for a visit from regional VIC
Going to see the fabulous Immodesty Blaize and Co at Burlesque Royal and enjoying a yummy steak beforehand at the Retro Cafe

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  1. Hi Emma, thanks for following, the hotel I stayed at is the Albany in South Yarra.xx.