Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Emma Did - 9th January 2011

This week has been a little more eventful than the last. So this week I have been:
Shopping for DS Games and then playing Ace Attorney Mile Edgeworth Investigations obsessively
Going to dinner at the Purple Fairy's for the Hubby's birthday
Swapping our bedroom from the front room to the back in an effort to avoid our noisy upstairs neighbours and moving about 1000 books in the process (they say a change is good as a rest but after this change I needed a big rest!)
Booking tickets to see
Romeo and Juliet next week (The hubby and I got engaged at a RSC performance of Romeo and Juliet so it means alot to me!)
Buying a new modem after the old one gave up the ghost, which sped my Internet up significantly
Receiving this top I ordered from Dollydagger. I will do an outfit post at some point (probably!)

Going out to Lunch after work today and enjoying a gorgeous fruit platter at Alley Break Cafe


  1. Thanks isnt it the cutest and an absolute bargain aswell! Cant go wrong really! x