Monday, February 28, 2011

The Ultimate Rock 'n' Roll Jam Session

On Thursday night the hubby and I headed to the opera house to see the Ultimate Rock 'n' Roll Jam Session. The Ultimate Rock 'n' Roll Jam Session tells the story behind an impromptu meeting in 1956 at Sun Studios of three of the biggest rock and roll stars of the time Carl Perkins, Elvis, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis (who at the time was just one of the studios house musicians) and the jam session that happened to be caught on tape by Sun records owner Sam Phillips.

The four musicians spent hours playing music, competing with each other, comparing riffs and making a beautiful racket that was some of the best music you’ll ever hear.

The show was an absolutely sensational showcase of rock and roll music with some of Australia's best musicians. Ezra Lee was fantastic on piano, his hands were mesmerising as they not so much tinkled the ivories by smashed them into submission. James Blundell and Nick Barker were simply awesome and Doug Parkinson's crooning bluesy voice was stunning and as for the sun studio trio, well put simply they rocked

Here's a clip about the show:

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