Monday, March 21, 2011

Autumn Style Resolutions

It occurred to me that while I had been shopping for pretty summer dresses Autumn has snuck up on me and now it has appeared with a bang. We've had three days of disgustingly grey and rainy weather and I am ill prepared when it comes to a decent autumnal wardrobe. So with this in mind I have come up with some personal Autumn style resolutions

1. I will buy a quality pair of waterproof shoes that are inclosed, keep my feet dry and are comfortable whilst at the same time being stylish. I absolutely loath having wet feet its the one thing guaranteed to make me grumpy in no time at all and last autumn I spent my shoe budget on many pairs of cheap ballet flats and consequently spend many rainy days miserable and with wet tootsies! This year I vow to learn from my mistakes. I have my eye on a pair of 1950s style oxfords and also Melissa's Ashanti Boots in black floc which, lets face it, are the most stylish pair of wellies going! I also adore Miss L Fire's Ellison Boots which with their fleecy lining will keep my feet roasty toasty.

2. I will invest in a good winter coat. Last year I picked up a gorgeous purple mac that looked fab on but was not warm enough for winter months and as the majority of my wardrobe is red, white and blue didn't lend itself to many outfits. This year I want a wool (or cashmere blend) 1940s, or that style princess coat.

3. I will buy wool knitwear instead of bulk buying cheap acrylics that do not keep me warm and therefore lead to a very miserable Emma all winter!

4. I will plan a few go to outfits for those horrible days when you feel like you cant be bothered. Winter is my least favourite seasons (to put it mildly) and leaves me feeling lethargic and a little blue. Given the opportunity I would probably hibernate until spring or migrate to warmer climes but as this isn't the option this winter I will ensure I always look good in my signature style to lift my spirits on those drizzly days rather than reaching for those easy to pull on leggings and slouchy jumpers!


  1. I hear that the floc finish of Melissa shoes rubs off easily - maybe the patent finish is better for wearing around water? I'm planning on getting a pair myself as soon as I'm able to try some on in store. Buying shoes over the internet scares me a little because you really need to get the perfect size.

  2. ~ * ♥ * ~

    These are all good ideas Emma ~ I would really like a pair of warm water proof boots for the rainy winter days. And planing your "I can't be bothered" outfits ahead of time; genius!
    ^ u ^

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  3. Thanks Bonita for the sweet comments, I havent come across your blog before but I'll be sure to check it out

    Oh thanks Miss Emmi for letting me sounds like the patent is a better option all round then!