Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Continue Your Holiday After You Get Home

The hubby and I are now back from our holiday in beautiful sunny Fiji and back to the real world with a bump. With this in mind we have been thinking about ways to make our holiday last even when we get home.

1. Make a CD or playlist of the music that you listened to on holiday. Listening to this will transport you back to your holiday.

2. Print and hang up your pictures of the holiday or even better have some put onto canvas. That way when you look at them you will remember the good memories of the trip.

3. Place holiday souvenirs around the home or better still have a shadow box or display of all your holiday mementos

4. Get the recipes for your favorite holiday food and drink and cook up a holiday feast.

5. Throw a themed party with the theme being whatever country your holiday was. Get people to dress in the countries traditional dress or their favorite holiday outfit. Serve up food and drinks from the country and play the music that you listened to on your holiday.

6. Give back to the country that you visited by looking for charities that are helping in that area.

7. Buy some flowers that you saw blooming in your holiday destination.

8. Think of the smells that remind you of your holiday and get some perfume or air freshener that reminds you of holidays.

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