Monday, June 13, 2011

Links of Love

Well dear readers I'm off to Fiji to get married!! I'll be back posting in a couple of weeks but for now here are some fab sites to keep you busy:

Look what they've done with the water cube from the Bejing Olympics – I soo want to go here

These caravans are so remiscent of the 1950s ones – I want one!

Christians Diors Spring 2011 collection harks back to a 1950s style – Just gorgeous

Could you make it as a 1940's housewife and if you could, heres the daily routine of a 1940's housewife. Why not learn to cook like a 1940s housewife while your at it. For more housewifery see how rosie the riverter measures upp against the modern housewife and for some housewife frivolry check out the housewife tarot

Check out the Burlesque Hall of Fame's website – A must visit if your in La La Land

Check out these wartime publications from the Minsitry of Food, these Tips for Tough Times from the Imperial War Museum and these make do and mend leaflets

Love Elgrens Pin ups? Chek out the full list here

Mad Men is still not back but if you want to rock joans bombshell beehive hairstyle check out this tutorial from Lisa Freemont Street -

More on hair check out this easy hair roll tutorial for a simple vintage inspired look -

Following the wedding theme – how about a bridal shower 1940s style or some 1940s wedding fashion or check out this actual wedding video from the 40s

Boardwalk Empires finished for now but check out the trailer for the upcoming second season

and finally swoon over these gorgeous shots from my vintage vogue

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