Thursday, August 11, 2011

Setbacks and Silly Mistakes

I have had a few little setbacks the last week some as fault of my own and some beyond my control.

Firstly I've just found out that I have to put my plans to learn to drive on hold for six months. I have to be in Australia 6 months before I can obtain a license and as we went on a two week holiday to Fiji our last re-entry date was only two months ago! I will still save my tax money and most likely start learning to drive after the end of January as we have visitors over Christmas up until the end of January.
Secondly the wonderful 50s dress that I bought from Etsy for the Fifties Fair next weekend is not what I thought it was. I misread the listing so thought it was the dress and coat in one that is shown in the picture above but actually it is just the coat section. It is a beautiful coat dress but has some flaws and had I known this I probably would not have paid what I did for it. In fact I probably would not have bought it at all and would have bought the dress that the seller also has for sale. I must stress that this is my own silly fault for not reading the listing properly and the seller is in no way at fault. Unfortunately due to this I have nothing to wear for the Fifties Fair!


  1. Oh yes! Ahh well my own silly fault, you live and learn I suppose and I will have the dress for next year fingers crossed x