Monday, October 3, 2011

The 39 Steps

The hubby and I headed to Marrickville to the Sidetrack Theatre to catch Patrick Batrlows adaptation of The 39 Steps.

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic spy thriller, The 39 Steps, is recreated as a fast-paced farce with a cast of four fearless actors playing 139 roles in 90 minutes of hilarious and thrilling action.This outlandishly funny show follows our handsome hero Richard Hannay as he encounters dastardly murders, double-crossing villains and mysterious women armed only with his stiff upper lip and British gung-ho.

Set in  London 1935, Man of the world Richard Hannay returns to the mother country from the colonies thinking to find some peace and quiet. A chance encounter at the theatre with a beautiful and mysterious  women sees Hannay embroiled in a strange spy conspiracy and wanted for murder. Can Hannay clear his name, stop the conspiracy and find out just what exactly are the 39 steps?

I have to say the Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed this adaptation of The 39 Steps unfortunately this was the last performance but be sure to look out for performances in your area! 

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