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Blogging Belles - October 2011 - Candice DeVille of Super Kawaii Mama

Remember way back at the beginning of August I promised you a new section entitled Blogging Belles where I interview fellow bloggers who have turned their blog into a business. Well I am excited to present to you our first Blogging Belle Candice DeVille aka Super Kawaii Mama!

What inspired you to start a blog?
Well, I was home with my second baby who had just turned six months old and found myself with time on my hands. I decided that I wanted a record of all of my outfits and how I wore them, rather like that cool software in Clueless, remember that? That was the 'why', but I had no idea what it would become.

Why did you chose blogging over other digital mediums?
To be honest I hadn't really considered anything else. I did have a 'Style Diary' online first for a little bit, but I wanted to write more about why I was wearing what I'd put together and also wanted to connect with other like-minded vintage lovers.

How did you come up with your blog name and what does it mean to you?
The blog name started out as just the eBay handle I had at the time! I really didn't give it any thought as to how important that would be, and once I realised that it was important, the name had stuck.

Why do you think your blog has become as successful as it has and when you first started did you ever imagine that it would have the following it does now?
Why is the blog successful? I guess it is a combination of two main things - I'm a very multi skilled individual which means I can do a lot myself when it comes to content, but also a LOT of hard work. I spend 35 hours a week on the blog on top of being a full time mum to 2, and running my own company as a Vintage Stylist; I'm the world's toughest boss. It certainly isn't for the faint hearted taking something like this on.

You've been blogging for over 3 years now, how do you think your blog has changed in that time?
I've become a lot more aware of my audience. Their hopes, dreams and inspirations, and also the responsibility I have as a blogger for what I put on the page. I have a responsibility to them to always consider their interests, but at the same time I have a responsibility to myself to always be honest and keep my true voice.

How did you ensure that your blog reached such a large target audience or is this something that has just happened over time organically?
It was something that has been purely organic as a result of my own interests really.

How long do you take each day maintaining your blog? Is it a full time job for you or do you have to supplement it with an income from other work?
It is a full time job in terms of hours, but certainly not in terms of pay. If you didn't do this for the love primarily, you'd be kidding yourself.

Do you think it is possible for bloggers to make an income purely from writing a blog?
Yes, it depends on your expectations of lifestyle and your responsibilities, but it is possible for a very select few.

What's an average day for you?
Up about 6am, doing emails and breakfast before getting the girls to school. Then gym, errands, and either writing from home, working with clients on location or heading off to photoshoots. Then back to pick up children, cook dinner, tidy up the house, answer more emails, often then out to evening events, then fall back into bed when I can.

You seem to have such a glamorous lifestyle is everyday so glamorous or do we just see the highlights?
I'd have to say, yes I do have a glamorous lifestyle, but life is what you make it. I work incredibly hard but I always try and do whatever I have to do that day with flair and style. Even those days that I have the most unglamorous things to do, I try and make something of that. Taking the dogs to the vet? I'll try and them my outfit with little dog brooches pinned to a sweater and tucked into capris.

You seem to have irons in a lot of fires being a model, a spokeswoman for glamour, hosting workshops, public appearances and your styling and hair and makeup work as well as being a busy mum to boot. How do you manage your time?
Time management is a constant challenge and one I'm yet to fully master I think. I keep a series of notebooks in hardcopy for expanding on thoughts, as well as a central calendar and all kinds of other calendars. I still to clear time limits for most activities and unfortunately don't always have the flexibility I'd like to, but that comes with being a parent. What it comes down to for me is that I refuse to give up on things I want to achieve or do, I simply plan to make it happen. If that means I'm taking a dance class at 9pm on a Monday night, then that's what I do!

You're have the title 'Ambassador for Glamour', what does this mean to you?
Inspiring others around me to dress better and thereby feel better, by always finding ways to 'put on the Ritz', into each and every occasion, no matter how mundane.

Do you believe that blogs have to be a spring board for other services that the blogger offers in order to be successful?
It depends on what you mean by 'successful'. If you mean financially successful, then the answer is yes.

What advice would you give to bloggers just starting out?
Have a thick skin. Remember that anything you put online is there FOREVER. And be true to your authentic self.

Your blog is so individual how do you maintain this individuality and do you think this helps your blog to be as successful as it is?
My blog is me; inside and out- there is no created persona, and therefore it is easy for me to just be myself. In saying that though, I know it can be hard for a lot of bloggers out there who hear some many voices online to remain true to their own inspirations. I guess I've always been a bit of a renegade like this, never running with the crowd, or as my husband says - on my own planet!

For any bloggers that lack confidence or your charisma do you believe that you have to really promote yourself and put yourself 'out there' in order to be a successful blogger?
Yes, you do. The internet is a noisy place, but if you're going to shout, be very, very clear on what you want to say.

Finally, can you share with us what we can expect to see from Super Kawaii Mama in the future and any new projects you may be working on?
Yes indeed! I have a HUGE new project that is officially launching in October, but you can see ithere
And the very first release from this new project is our amazing 2012 calendar!

Thanks so much to the devine Candice DeVille for taking time out to answer my questions! You can check out Candice's blog Super Kawaii Mama here or her website here.

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