Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Emma Did - 8th January 2012

My first attempt at cake decorating is a bit 'rustic'

Its the first 'What Emma Did' of 2012. I took a few weeks off over Christmas and new year but 'What Emma Did' is back! So without further ado, this week I have been:

♥ Enjoying the sunshine with a nice picnic in the park behind our unit
♥ Making a cake for the Hubby's Birthday
♥ Taking the Hubby out to dinner at Rockpool for his birthday (you can read about it here)
♥ Going to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows which was fantastic by the way
♥ Heading over to see the Purple Fairy and spending the afternoon drinking tea and playing board games
♥ Waving my Sister and her Boyfriend off as they're now on their way back to the UK
♥ Having dinner with the Hubby at my favourite pie and mash shop
♥ Planning to head into the city to check out the Sydney Festival First Night but then being too tired!

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  1. Hi Emma, Thank you for stopping by. I do have a pattern for it but it is still in progress, needs some changes, that was just the prototype.
    I like your 'rustic' cake decorations, i will give it a go soon too when its my little ones first birthday.