Friday, February 24, 2012

How to Look Your Best on a Budget

Big news dear readers I quit my job! Now that I've joined the realm of the unemployed I had to come up with some ingenious ways to stay looking my best. Here are some ideas I came up with:

1. Participate in online surveys and market research to earn rewards
Online Surveys:
Often companies will send you products to test and complete surveys on. These range from household items and food to beauty products and a whole host of other items. I'm currently a member of a few online survey sites which offer points that can be turned into rewards such as gift card for companies like the Coles Myer group and the Woolworths group.

I recently earned enough points to bag a $20 wish gift card which means I will be snapping up these gorgeous shoes next time I hit Big W and I'm aiming to earn enough for a Target gift voucher so I can get some of the items from Dita's Von Follies range.

 If you're looking for online survey sites simply Google online paid surveys. If you're in Australia you can find a big list here!

Market Research:
There are many market research groups that will pay for your opinions on certain products.I was recently invited to on for eBay that paid $80 for my participation and many companies will pay around this amount for opinions on products and services. Just do an internet search for companies conducting market research in your area.

2. Approach companies about review products for free samples:
As I know many of my readers are also blogger you can get free samples of products or even free products but agreeing to write a review in return for the product. You can also make money via your blog by hosting adverts, writing reviews and advertorials and joining affiliate schemes. Simply search online for ways to monetize your blog.

3. Looking for free haircuts or beauty services:
Many colleges will offer free cutting or beauty services if you agree to let students practice on you. The thought of letting someone whose not yet a professional tamper with your locks may be a bit daunting but if you go in with an open mind you may come out with a fab style for free and if not just remind yourself its only hair it will grow!

4. Make the most of free samples:
A lot of companies will offer scrummy free samples for you to test out a product before you buy. Companies like Lush and cosmetic and perfume counters are great for this. Many also offer free makeovers if you're looking for a great new look for free!

5. Having a clear-out:
Go through your wardrobe and other household items and see if there's anything that you're no longer using and sell it. Auction site like eBay are good for this. I'm currently selling a pair of Vivien of Holloway blue denim trousers here i'm hoping they'll go for enough for me to buy the Soda Fountain dress in ginger on Modcloth.

6. Offering your expertise or talents for money:
Are you a skilled photographer, good motivational speaker or excellent crafter? Why not offer you services in return for pay. If your super crafty why not set up a shop on Etsy selling your wares. If you have other talents or expertise why not approach businesses that you feel you could help in your area.


  1. Which survey people do you use? Is it a worthwhile use of time? I've thought about doing that for a while but the size of the list is so daunting!

    1. Hi Miss Emmi, I use a load of survey sites:
      valued opinions, live tribe, rewards central, lightspeed panel, cafe study, your opinion, your voice, global test market, your voice, my view and my opinions!

    2. Sorry Miss Emmi I meant to say if you have alot of time on your hands as I do at the moment its probably worth it. Some sites pay better than other so if you don't want to be swamp down by sites (as I am) check out how much on average they pay out per survey and how the send the money to you (vouchers, paypal ect)

      You wont earn much off them but the odd $20 here and there comes in handy and if you get invited to on location testing then its more like $80 - $100