Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Vintage Style Evolution

My earliest vintage clothing memory is me and my sister standing on my Nan's huge dinning room table dressed in her old ball gowns and cocktail dresses that she was cutting the bottom of so we could use them for dressing up. I still remember the gorgeous dresses and wish that she hadn't cut them down so I could wear them today.
The dresses included a gorgeous peacock blue beaded jersey dress with tiny spagetti strap with a matching jacket. A 50s style black satin dress with lace collar and a gorgeously floaty hot pink maxi dress style number.
Me in a fairy costume my mum made. 
Check out the multi-layered tissue paper tutu! 
All my life I've been a girly girl and loved dressing up, doing my makeup and putting on my jewellery. My school photo at the age of 7 has me sulking in the front row because my mum put me in trousers not a pretty girly dress on photo day. At the start of winter and start of Summer  my Nan would take me and my sisters out and buy us an outfit each. I remember pom-pomed jumpers and jodpurs, tartan kilts and cute sweaters in the winter and each summer and beautiful summer frock.
My 19th birthday in Ibiza
Looking back I don't think I ever really conformed to  what was in fashion. I spent my teenage years in a whole range of styles but from each style I took items that I still wear today. Be it the corsets and seamed stockings from my Goth days or the form fitting and classic cut styles of my preppy days!
Me on my 20th birthday in my first corset
I really discovered the pin up look in 2007 just before we moved to Australia. The UK high street was full of pin up and sailor inspired items including sailor jackets and full circle dresses. It was then I really got into the whole vintage look and started reading up more about it. I stumbled across clothing websites like Heyday and Pinup Girl Clothing and joined sites like The Fedora Lounge.
Dressing up again! with my older Sister - Easter 2003
Perhaps surprisingly I didn't buy my first vintage item until 2008 - a pair of black kidskin elbow gloves. Since then I've constantly been buying items through sites like eBay and Etsy

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