Monday, March 19, 2012

The 1920's Look

Although I'm not one to follow the trends I can't help but notice the 1920's revival that's happening at the moment. With movies such as The Artist, Midnight in Paris and of course The Great Gatsby (being released later this year) and TV series such as Underbelly Razor and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries it seems the 1920s style is everywhere we look.
(from left to right): Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Etro and Marc Jacobs
The influence is especially noticeable on the catwalks of designers like Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Ralph Lauren and can even be seen sported by royalty!

The 1920's look will definitely be one that I will be adopting this season. Here's how I plan on wearing it:


  1. Ooh, all the frocks in the collage! LOVE!

    1. I know they're amazing right. This 1920's Gatsby look doesn't seem to have hit the Australian high street yet but I'm sure it will once The Great Gatsby hits cinemas at the end of the year x