Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Emma aime at the Movies: Street Dance 2

Last night the hubby and I headed to the Entertainment Quarter to watch a special screening of Street Dance 2 hosted by Hoyts that Nuffnang had arranged. The night started with a tour of the Entertainment Quarter's Hoyts establishments conducted  Kimberley Lee starting at Hoyts Cinema Paris, a beautiful Art Deco style cinema where Hoyts screen their arthouse style movies.
We then headed up to  the main Hoyts cinema to check new digital projectors that allow for a much easier method of film distribution and screening and to check out La Premiere Hoyt's version of Gold Class which offers luxury seats in their own gallery style section and a menu that looked absolutely appetizing and is cooked by trained chefs. 
We also checked out the new QKR app that allows patrons to order and pay for drinks and light meals and have them delivered direct to their seats!

After the tour we got settled in the cute studio 12 screen with our complementary popcorn and drink to watch Street Dance 2.

Street Dance 2 is about a streetdancer called Ash who after a humiliating fall in front of the worlds best streetdance crew Invincible is recruited by manager Eddie. Eddie and Ash travel the world putting together the best crew to beat Invincable at the streetdance competition in Paris. The last member of their crew is smoking hot salsa dancer Ava. The crew put together an awesome streetdance-salsa style and go on to beat Invincible.  While the acting in the movie wasn't great the dancing was phenomenal and lets face it you don't really go and watch these kind of movies for the acting!  It was awesome to see Akai who we had watched win Got to Dance UK had got into movies!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Hoyts Australia for this fab night out! 

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  1. Thanks Emma, glad you enjoyed the night. And thanks for the link through as well :) Kimberley (Hoyts)