Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Emma Did - 15th April 2012

Is been yet another quiet week on the blogging front. I've worked 6 days this week so haven't really had time for much else. Today is my only day of so I will try to get some posts written and scheduled for next week so things aren't so quiet around here! But for now, this week I have been:
♥ Getting beautified at Angel Touch Beauty
♥ Popping over to see the Purple Fairy and our niece and nephews
♥ Having another Thursday movie night with the Bakers (its getting to be a regular event!)
♥ Going out to have a few drinks and check out an 80s cover band with Tinkerbell
♥ Scoring tickets to see Iron Sky thanks to those lovely people at Nuffnang!
♥ Becoming obsessed with The Voice, with the US, UK and soon coming Oz Voice to watch things are going to start getting confusing round here!

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