Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Old Hat Belated Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Yesterday we headed to Laurels for a very belated Old Hat Jubilee Celebration. Laurel had decked the place out to look suitably Royal with bunting hanging from every surface and multiple representations of the queen and other royals including these incredibly cute kitty versions of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert hand embroidered by the hostess herself!
As with all Old Hat events a host of delicious goodies were on offer including bunting cookies as made by Regan and super delicious earl grey and lavender cupcakes which Bea made. But top marks for best jubilee delicacy goes to Sarah for this amazing union jack Pimms cake with cucumber icing and strawberry-orange jam.
Unfortunately the hubby and I couldn't stay too long as he had to head off to work so I didn't get any photos of my own but you can see more photos of everyone looking fab over at Tim and Jesse's blog like Johnny and June.


  1. Naw thanks for the cake compliment! All the effort was worth it for the result :) It was great seeing you, have a wonderful movie night! x

    1. Hey Sarah
      The cake looked awesome just sorry we couldn't stick around to try some. Hope to see you at the next movie night - The Big Sleep on August 19th x