Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Emma aime at the Movies: 8 femmes (8 Women)

Today I re-watched 8 women. I saw this film a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the look of the film.
8 women is set in the 1950s in an isolated mansion in the French countryside. The family is gathered for the holiday season. But there will be no celebration as the patriarch of the family has been murdered. The killer can only be one of the eight women closest to the man of the house. Was it his powerful wife? His spinster sister-in-law? His miserly mother-in-law? Maybe the insolent chambermaid or the loyal housekeeper? Could it possibly have been one of his two young daughters? A surprise visit from the victim's chic sister sends the household into a tizzy, encouraging hysterics, exacerbating rivalries, and encompassing musical interludes. Comedic situations arise with the revelations of dark family secrets. Seduction dances with betrayal. The mystery of the female psyche is revealed. There are eight women and each is a suspect. Each has a motive. Each has a secret. Beautiful, tempestuous, intelligent, sensual, and dangerous...one of them is guilty. Which one is it?


  1. I love this movie. I was really young when I first saw it so all the fighting turning into kissing was a big shock to me! I especially love the way each character has a theme - a colour, a flower - to represent her. Very visually arresting.

    1. I agree Miss Emmi this movie is visually stunning! x