Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fashions of 8 Women

One of my favourite things about the movie 8 Women is the clothes the ladies wear. With one or two exceptions the women's outfits do not change throughout the whole movie. Here is a look at some of the outfits:
Mamy's outfit consists of a lavender organza skirt with a matching jacket, a ruffled purple scarf, and an art deco broach and earrings. As the oldest character in the film, who becomes a pillar of strength for the family, she is naturally dressed more conservatively than the others. But the choice of materials and the understated use of accessories echo back to an earlier era, namely the sophistication and elegance of the late ’30s and early ’40s.

Gaby wears a 1950's Dior-inspired velvet dress. When she is first seen in the film her dress is covered by a leopard fur trimmed coat and matching hat. Gaby outfit represents a kind of gaudy and over the top glamour.

Suzons outift is a pink plaid jumper and circle skirt. At the start of the movie this is covered by a pink plaid coat and matching pill box hat and pink gloves. Suzon's outift is girly and feminine and is reminiscent of Chanel's plaid suits that were favoured by Jackie Kennedy.

At the start of the movie Catherine is still in her pajamas which are rather boyish she then changes into lime green capris which a matching shirt and jumper. Catherine's look is very youthful and reminiscent of the looks that Audrey Hepburn sported in the 1950s.

Augustine first appears in the movie in a red plaid dressing gown with her hair tightly pulled back. This represents Augustine's uptight, tightly wound personality. She then changes into a burgundy long skirt and matching jacket (which she quickly takes off) with a green blouse underneath. Augustine's outift is more suited to a 1940s style which may mean that Augustine is behind the time or has outdated views. Her outfit is very school teacher like which suits her strict no nonsense attitude.
Half way through the movie after revealing her love for Marcel and questioning Louise about how to seduce a man Augustine changes into one of Gaby's dresses and lets her hair now to reveal a more overtly feminine image.

When Pierette first appears she is wearing a black coat and a headscarf which covers her perfectly styled hair. Pierette performs a strip tease of sorts removing her coat gloves and jacket to reveal a striking red dress. This may symbolise that underneath Pierette's presentable exterior she is more wild as red is the colour for passion. So could represent her exotic dancer side.

In the beginning of the film Louise is in a traditional maids costume. After her affair with Marcel is revealed Louise removes her apron and hat, undoes the top buttons of her blouse and lets her hair down. She also reveals the knee high boots she is wearing perhaps representing her hidden sexuality.

Chanel is also wearing a maids costume an outfit that represents servitude and her devotion to the family.

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