Saturday, August 18, 2012

Film Noir Fashions: The Femme Fatale

One thing that makes a femme fatale is her stunning wardrobe. In order to pull off the femme fatale look there are a few things that you need:

1. A well cut power suit:
Like this one worn by Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity. For your own version look for vintage 1940s suits with shoulder pads and tiny waists or check out these fantastic repro versions from Stop Staring:
Stop Staring's Metropolis Dress and Delux dress

2. Awesome eyewear:
Babara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity again had this down pat. You can find fab vintage eyewear on ebay and etsy.

3. Hot Headwear:
Whether it be a tilt hat, over-sized floppy hat or beret, a femme fatale must have some fabulous headwear to cover gorgeously coiffured hair. You can find fab vintage hats on ebay and etsy.

4. A slinky wiggle dress to show of your killer curves:
Like the ones worn by Ava Gardner in the Killers, Rita Hayworth in Gilda or Marilyn Munroe in Niagara
You can get a version of Marilyn's Niagara dress from Pinup Girl Clothing


  1. Excellent round up, while I often aspire to look like a femme fatale I haven't gone through a defined the particular items that make the look... I've got some serious thinking to do now! :P The only thing I'd add (perhaps as a subclause to the headwear items) is a veil. A dramatic veil to house an icy glare. x

    1. Ohh yes veils!! I should have thought of that definitely a good femme fatale accessory in fact I wore one on Sunday at the movie night! x

  2. Yes this was great! Love the Marilyn dress - and that's one of my favourite films with her in.