Friday, August 10, 2012

Old Hat: Sunday Roast

I promised on Monday that I would tell you all about our last Old Hat meetup but I've been so busy this week I haven't got around to posting about it. I finally have a free moment so here's the post:

On Sunday the Old Hatters met up at Low 302 for a Sunday roast and some sparkling conversation. Low 302's delicious roast compromises of a whole chicken which is beautifully presented and carved table-side and accompaniments of coleslaw and potato salad topped off with lashings of gravy.

 After we had our fill of chicken we headed to Pocket Bar to top off the evening wit crepes and cocktails. I opted for a vodka martini with a twist and a number 7 crepe which is the classic honey and lemon crepe with vanilla bean ice cream.

Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the evening but I will be sure to steal borrow some of Tim's as soon as he posts about the event on his and Jesse's blog

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