Monday, August 13, 2012

Pillow Talk at the State Theatre

In a break from the (only just started) Film Noir week I wanted to write to tell you that yesterday the hubby and braved the blustery weather to see Pillow Talk at the State Theatre. Pillow Talk is being shown as part of the Universal 100 years of film season.

Pillow Talk stars the cute as a button Doris Day as Interior Designer and single gal Jan Morrow and the dashing Rock Hudson as Composer and womaniser Brad Allen. Jan and Brad share a phone line but much to Jan dismay she can never get a call through as Brad is always on the phone to one woman or another. Jan and Brad speak on the phone but have never met so when a chance meeting occurs at a club (can you say meet cute!) then Brad decides to add Jan to his list of conquests but knowing she will recognise his voice he disguises himself as wholesome Texan country boy Rex Stenson to win Jan over.

I absolutely adore everything about this movie from Jan and Brads amazing apartments to Jan kookie alcoholic housekeeper Alma and of course all the amazing outfits that Jan wears. Pillow Talk is a fantastically fun romantic comedy that is simply joyful.

I leave you with these pictures of some of Jan's stunning outfits:

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