Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lunch at Altitude and the Little Lost Echidna

Yesterday the hubby and I took a drive to The Southern Gateway Centre to take in the view and have a lovely lunch at Altitude 1148. When we hopped out of the car we came across this little fellow who seemed to have lost his way and was trying to squeeze under the railings to no avail.
After taking in the views for a while we headed inside for a delicious 3 course meal for the very reasonable price of $34 each. We started with veggie samosas for me while the Hubby opted for salt and pepper calamari. Unfortunately we were so hungry that we forgot to get photos of our starters. For mains I had sirloin steak which I requested rare but came out more medium to well done but was delicious none the less. The hubby chose the daal which was divine.
  For desert we both opted for chocolate mud cake with ice cream. The food was fantastic and well worth the price. After a refreshing cup of tea admiring the view we headed back outside to check on the little echidna and found the little guy had found his way home! I'll leave you with these pictures of the amazing view:

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