Monday, February 4, 2013

Old Hat Toasts to 2013

On Wednesday night the hubby and I headed over to Hinky Dinks for the first Old Hat meetup of the new year. Among the regular faces were some new comers to Old Hat Rebecca, Grace and Annora of Nora Finds. The conversation and cocktails flowed and a fabulously vintage night was had by all!
Sarah and Nicolette both looked stunning. I espescially adored Sarah's dress that had a matching cape
Tim and Rebecca who was wearing a stunning red dress similar to the one I was sporting.
from L to R Sarah, Rebecca, Jesse (wearing the amazing Dita Muse Bon Bon  dress - so jealous!) and Grace.
Nicolette and Nora in an amazing 1940s getup!

The next Old Hat meetup is Vintage Velvet Valentine on 19th February 2013. Keep and eye on the Old Hat Facebook page for more details.

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