Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Helpful hints for Attending Vintage Fairs

Today I am going to post helpful hints for attendees of vintage fairs and events. I realise I probably should have posted this post before the Love Vintage Fair but I will post it anyway as it will hopefully be helpful to anyone attending any vintage event worldwide.

1. Know your measurements:
Vintage is not like modern clothing with standard sizes so it is helpful if you know your measurements  If you want to buy then it is often helpful to carry a tape measure to measure clothing if you don't want to try everything you like on. However if you're not sure of measurements then a helpful tip (that I recently learned from Tim of Like Johnny and June) is that your waist circumference is twice the circumference of your neck so if you wrap a skirt or pair of trousers around your neck and the edges meet then it should fit. I would also recommend to ladies to wear

2. Take comfortable shoes:
Ladies if you are entering a best dressed competition or want to look your best in photos then I understand heels may look best but if you are wearing heels always slip a pair of comfortable flats in your bag as walking around all the stalls at a vintage event can take its toll on tootsies and it is not always easy to find a seat to rest achy feet. These days you can even get pairs that fold in half so don't take up much room in your bag. But don't forget if you do swap your shoes you will need something to carry those heels in!

3. Take a bag with a shoulder strap:
I would recommend taking a bag with a shoulder strap as last year I took a very cute clutch bag but had to keep putting it down to browse items. A bag with a strap is so much easier to carry and gives you quick access to purse, phone etc while leaving your hands free to check out all the vintage goodies.

4. Make networking easier:
These kind of events are a great chance to meet people with similar interests to your own. While I was at the show I got talking to a few other bloggers who all had business cards. This is something that I will definitely be doing before the next show as it is a lot quicker and easier than trying to remember blog names and website addresses. It is also a great way to increase your blog readership.

5. Check out the program in advance:
When attending these events I always try to check out the program in advance and make a note of the talks, parades and other items that I want to see. It is a good idea to make calendar notes on your phone so you don't miss the key items that you want to see.

6. Take photos (but get permission first!):
With so many vintage delights on show you will probably be snapping away like crazy but always ask permission before you take photos either from the stall holder if you are taking photos of items on a stall or if you are taking photos of someones outfit ask them first. I find at these events people normally don't object to photos being taken and the can be a great source of inspiration when creating vintage looks. I have also found taking photos a helpful tool when trying to remember which items I have seen that I like at which stall.  I take a photo of the item I like then take a picture of the stall sign then when I come to buy (normally on the last day) I know where to go!

7. Plan and try on your outfit well in advance:
At these kind of events we all want to look our best in all our vintage finery so I would definitely recommend planning and trying on your outfit well in advance. That way if their are any problems with the outfit, you need to do any vintage repairs or buy any new accessories you have plenty of time. I would also recommend planning hair and makeup and trying it out in advance as well and give yourself plenty of time to get ready on the day as things don't always go smoothly as I found out when my hair just would not play on Friday night!

What are your tips for attending vintage fairs readers? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. Love the hints about attending vintage fairs! Especially, like the the comment about networking as someone who loves vintage clothing online in Australia this made my day!