Friday, April 26, 2013

Miss Pinup Australia Grand Finals 2013

On Saturday afternoon the hubby and I went to Penrith Panthers Evan Theatre to check out the finals of Miss Pinup Australia 2013.

For those that haven't head of it, Miss Pinup Australia is a competition for women of all ages and shapes and sizes from across Australia. The competition is all about a personal journey to bring out the inner pinup. There are 7 categories to compete in:

Miss Perfect Pinup - this is for all pinup gals with a love for vintage glamour.
Miss Illustrated Pinup - this is for those gals that have tattoos and are visible when wearing normal clothes.
Miss Classic Pinup - this is for those glamour pinup gals over the age of 30.
Miss VaVaVoom Pinup - this is for those pinup gals over a modern dress size 14
Miss Prestige Pinup - For those gorgeous pinup over the age of 40!
Miss Neo Pinup - A new category for the gal who puts an edgy, colourful & modern day twist on pinup 
and of course
Mr Pinup - This one is for the guys! Any man over the age of 18 can enter this category!
Their is also a category voted through social media by the general public entitled Miss Popular Pinup

The final consists of the winners and runners up of each category from each state final and each contestant has to compete in 5 rounds which include: Day Wear, Swimwear, Lingerie/Sleepwear, Eveningwear and a talent.  

The night kicked off with an amazing number which started in the living room of a 1950's home with the kids watching TV and ended with all the lovely ladies doing a spectacular dance number to an original theme song   called 'Chin Up Pinup' by The Sugarshakers (you can get a copy of it here).
Next the judges were introduced by Miss Nasya. On the judging panel were ... and of course our lovely host for the night (and Miss Pinup Australia founder) Miss Pixie.
The night kicked off with the daywear round going category by category with each lovely lady posing in their day wear and then the swimwear with their talent acts peppered throughout the night. After we had seen each contestants daywear and swimwear the show stopped for an interval so that the audience could recover from such pin up loveliness.

In the interval I managed to catch up briefly with our lovely friend Miss Mae Em who was a Queensland contestant (but not finalist) was helping out as a stage kitten. We also chatted to the other people on our table who were the family and friends of Miss Vava Voom contestant Frankie Bluebell.

After the interval we were straight into the lingerie and then finally the beautiful evening wear which bought out lots of dress envy from yours truly! At this stage there was another interval for the judges to come to their decision. Unfortunately for us the judging took so long that we had to leave as the hubby was working that night but we managed to check the results online and they were:

Miss Perfect:          
Red Devotchkin
RU - Lilly White 

Miss VaVa Voom: 
Lottie Liebe
RU - Frankie Bluebelle 

Miss Classic:
Cola Popsicle
RU - Vienne Rose 

Miss Illustrated:
Scarlett Tinkabelle
RU - Poppy D Onyx

Miss Prestige:
Miss Kitty Von Tastique
RU - LuLuLa Rose

Miss Neo:
Lucy Lolita
RU - Summer Solaire

Miss Atomic Achiever:
Cheech Sanchez & Lila Luxx
RU - Catalina Colie

Miss Appi Licious Pinup:
Kitty Sapphire 

Miss Popular Pinup: 
Madison Louise 

Miss Amity Pinup: 
Miss Rouge Noir

and the overall winner of Miss Pinup Australia 2013:

Congratulations to all the winners. The ladies were all fantastic and put so much hard work into their costumes, props and acts that I'd imagine the judges had a very hard time picking the winners!

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