Sunday, April 7, 2013

Old Hats Picnoms

Last Saturday the Old Hat bunch meet up at Victoria Park for a picnic and catch up. The hubby baked a delicious cheese and broccoli quiche and I made a rocket, prosciutto  parmesan  pear and walnut salad (about the limit of my cooking)

In attendance were Tim and Jesse, Reagan, Harvey, Mira and just as the hubby and I had to leave to head to Ikea Old Hat newbies Sarah and Jess showed up so unfortunately we didn't get a chance to chat to them much.

It was a lovely afternoon and many delicious picnoms were devoured. Special mention goes to Mira's delicious lemon and lavender biscuits and Reagan's potato frittata and also the chicken dip supplied by Jesse. It was pretty life changing!

Unfortunately being the bad blogger that I am I didn't get many photos but i'm sure a post will pop up about this on Tim and Jesse's blog like Johnny and June soon.  

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