Thursday, May 9, 2013

Audrey Hepburn Week: Audrey's Personal Style

In her personal life Audrey kept her style simple but chic. Her classic look which was timeless and still much copied today did not really change into her advancing years. Audrey had an ingrained sense of style which meant that she knew how to dress her usual proportions to show off her gamine figure.  This she did with the help of couturier Hubert de Givenchy who as well as designing her film costumes designed for Audrey's personal wardrobe.
Givenchy's simple graceful style perfectly matched Audrey's dress sense and together the created a timeless elegance that women all over the world still aspire to today.
In order to achieve Audrey's style:
Think cut - clothes must be well fitted classic shapes 

♥ Know what looks good on you and stick to it, do not follow fleeting trends but wear classic styles. Find clothes that show off your best assets and hide the parts of you that you are less happy with.  Audrey had a tiny 22" waist and often wore clothed that cinched at the waist to show it off. 

 Keep it simple - Audrey often opted for a less fussy, simplistic look. Audrey once said: Indeed, she once said: "Boil it all down to what counts the most: What is the essence of what you are trying to do, what is the most important thing? Things only get complicated when you try to address too many issues."

 Pay attention to grooming - Audrey was always well groomed and neat. Her hair was always styled even if it was in a simple ponytail and her eyebrows though thick were always tidy and well manicured. 

 Accessorise - Audrey often opted for a pair of large glasses and a hat or head scarf 

Items found in Audrey's wardrobe:
 A classic white skirt
 The little black dress in a pencil style shift dress or with a circle skirt 
 Ballet pump shoes or kitten heels
 A well fitted suit 
 Skinny or straight cut capris, slacks or jeans in a classic dark denim 
♥ turtleneck, button down shirts, or t-shirts in a plain colour or breton stripes 
♥ Accesories - hats, scarfs, classic jewellery such as pearls, big dark glasses 

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