Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Audrey Hepburn Week: Books

There are a whole host of books about Audrey and I will be reviewing a couple this week. I had hoped to order some more from the list below to read and review but time and money prevented me from doing so. No matter. Here is a list of just some of the vast tittles about Audrey:

is a biography of Audrey's life written by her son Sean. I have yet to read it but it is definitely on my to buy list.
is a book about the creation of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. From the creation of the novella by Truman Capote, to the rise of Audrey Hepburn's star and her casting to play the role of Holly Golightly. I reviewed the book a few month back. You can find the review here.

is a beautiful book aimed at children and one that will definitely be gracing our future daughter's bookshelf. The book is a simplistic story of Audrey's life with stunning illustrations by Julia Denos.

is a stunning collection of original poster artwork and classic photography from the golden period of Audrey Hepburn's career. I will be reviewing the book later today.

The author of the bestselling Audrey Style brings a charming dose of Audrey Hepburn into our everyday lives, with wisdom on relationships, fashion, home, travel and other opportunities for sophisticated living. Audrey Hepburn epitomises generosity, glamour and beauty.

Audrey Hepburn was one of the most admired and emulated women of the twentieth century, and has become a timeless style icon. But her beauty was more than skin deep and for the first time, this style biography reveals the details made up her appeal

From her captivating debut in Roman Holiday in 1953, Audrey Hepburn redefined notions of Hollywood elegance and sophistication. This lavishly illustrated book celebrates Audrey's popularity as an enduring icon, providing a unique insight into her career, personality and trademark style that still fascinate and captivates today.
Christy shows women how in this guide to glamorous style, professional success and true love...the classy way.

Writer Melissa Hellstern has spent five years collecting some of the late icon's most remarkable words in this beautifully designed and produced book filled with rare photos, behind-the-scenes stories and insights from the friends who knew Hepburn well.

In his distinguished career as a Hollywood photographer, the author took iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda, but remains unequivocal about his favorite subject: Audrey Kathleen Ruston, best known as Audrey Hepburn. This title features his photographs that seek out the many facets of Hepburn's beauty and elegance.
A biography of Audrey Hepburn. In addition to her illustrious film career, this book sheds light on the charity work she did for UNICEF, her personal fight against cancer, and the way in which she dedicated the last years of her life to bringing help and hope to the starving children of the world.

Legendary superstar, trend setter, and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn remains the epitome of style, charm, and humility in the face of enviable beauty for women of all ages. Filled with fashion and lifestyle tips inspired by Audrey, paired with photos, this book imparts 59 little ways to put some Hepburn in your step.

This personal account of Hollywood's most gracious star includes insights of family and friends who have never before spoken to a Hepburn biographer, and includes never-before-published photos, creating a in-depth portrait of the actress, from her childhood in Nazi-occupied Europe, through her legendary career, and into her United Nations ambassadorship.

Collects more than 500 international magazine covers featuring Audrey Hepburn published over the course of her life and career - many featuring photographs of the star. This book contains a biographical text that accompanies the images, offering fresh insights and context on her on- and off-screen life and tracing the evolution of her image.

Born in Brussels in 1929, Audrey Hepburn was the daughter of a British father and a Dutch Baroness. After a few West End musicals and minor film parts, she was spotted by the author, Colette, to star in a stage version of her novel, "Gigi". And then Audrey's career took off. This book captures the spirit of an elusive, and vulnerable woman.

She was living evidence that fairy tales are real and that angles can come down to earth. It was Colette who discovered the too tall and too thin girl with expressive eyes, then a complete unknown, and made her the lead in the 1951 Broadway production of Gigi. Her film triumphs were all the more astonishing since she didn't match the usual Hollywood cliches. Petite, almost androgynous, and with a disarming naturalness, she had a worldwide impact on fashion and beauty trends and was enthusiastically welcomed as an alternative to the sex bombs and pin-up girls of the 50s. This book, with an essay by Klaus-Jurgen Sembach, is dedicated to Audrey Hepburn who died in 1993. It includes the best film stills, portraits, and private photographs by well-known and by unknown photographers from all over the world who have provided us with an immortal image of Hollywood's most endearing star.


  1. So many I haven't yet read! My favourite was definitely An Elegant Spirit by her son. It really was beautiful. No one ever seemed to have an unkind word to say about her and I personally think that speaks volumes about her.

    1. I've yet to read an Elegant Spirit but it is at the top of my reading list! I completely agree with you. I have yet to read a bad word said about Audrey! x