Thursday, May 2, 2013

Daily Outfit - Anzac Day

It seems that my blog has been a little thin on content over the last few weeks as I have been lacking inspiration to write any really detailed posts. That hasn't changed for now but next week I have something special planned so please keep reading for that.

However for now another outfit post. This is what I wore on Anzac Day when I went out for a few drinks with friends. One of my friends commented that they had never seen me wear trousers or more specifically jeans so I went for something causal and donned my jeans. As it turns out it was a gloriously sunny day and I was a little too warm but no matter!
Straight leg jeans - Kmart
Red ballet pumps - Kmart
Stripe top - tinxi world on eBay
Headscarf - thrifted


  1. So chic! I love it - I can imagine Jean Seberg wearing the same outfit! Cute cute!


    1. Thanks lovely! and yes I did just google Jean Seberg! x