Monday, July 8, 2013

29th Birthday Presents

As previously mentioned yesterday was my birthday. It was just a low key affair as the hubby was working all morning so we just had a late lunch with the Purple Fairy who is recovering for surgery.  We're going out later in the week to celebrate properly but for now I thought I'd share with you my birthday presents:

The Hubby got me a whole heap of Von Follies undies including:
The Ivory Spot set

The Red Rose set

The Emerald Lace set 

The Peach Satin set

My Mother in Law got me a voucher for Oriental Spa which I will be sure to blog about when I used it! 

I got money from the rest of the family so I treated myself  some items from Modcloth:

I also picked up this super cute apple bag from Ollie & Nic:

Dita's perfumes in Rouge and Fleur Teese (which I will review soon):

I also picked up this new coat from ebay:

And this jewellery box:

And last but certainly not least I got these Swedish Hasbeens on sale for the bargain price of $75 after coveting them for about a year:

So all in all a very good birthday haul!


  1. Great birthday haul Emma! Belated happy birthday and I'm glad it's been a good one :)

  2. Happy Birthday lovely!

    It looks like you were spoilt rotten (but I am sure you deserved every last bit!).

    1. Thank you Miss Fairchild and Renata! I have been very spoiled this birthday and I still have more days out and birthday celebrations to enjoy xx