Monday, July 29, 2013

Opera at the Vanguard

The Hubby and I have been opera fans for sometime and used to go to many local productions when we were living in the UK but since moving to Australia have found opera unaffordable so when we heard about Opera at the Vanguard we snapped up tickets. 

The production, designed to make opera affordable and intimate featured four Opera Australia performers including Warren Fisher as the flower merchant, Katie Stenzel as lady-face, Agnes Sarkis as the witch and Simon Halligan as the warrior king and amazing costumes inspired by the late Alexander McQueen.

The opera tells the story of the flower merchant and the warrior kings fight to win the heart of lady-face. Both men are interested in lady-face but she only has eyes for the warrior king and rebuffs all of the flower merchants attempts at romance and so the flower merchant releases the witch that the warrior-king has captured and gives her a knife to kill the warrior king. He then disguises her gives her as a servant to lady-face. The witch seduces the warrior king with her feminine wiles and cuts his throat but when lady-face discovers that the warrior-king is dead she kills herself and the flower seller angry that lady-face is dead kills the witch.

With songs taken from all the best loved operas, Opera at the Vanguard was a fantastic mix of comedy, tragedy and unrequited love which was thoroughly entertaining and captivating. I for one will be on the look out for more productions of this nature from the Vangaurd!   

And now for what I wore:
Mariella Cardigan in Blush - Collectif
Black pencil skirt - ?
Black Ballet Pumps - Kmart
Burgundy Hair Flower - Kmart


  1. You look gorgeous! I hope you had a fantastic night.

    1. Thank you lovely. We had a great night! x