Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Bondi Wanderings

On Sunday I went to meet the hubby when he finished work and we spend the day rambling around Bondi. Our first stop was Iggy's for a couple of loaves of bread. It was only 10.30 but they had already sold most of their bread but we did manage to snap up a ficelle and some of their yummy pecan and raisin bread.
After grabbing our bread we stopped in Favaloso, a gorgeous Italian deli and cafe for a spot of lunch. We both opted for paninis - the hubby went for porchetta and I had the salami, provolone and sun-dried tomatoes topped off with a freshly squeeze orange juice for me and a berry smoothie for the Hubby.
After out delicious lunch we wandered up to Bondi Junction to check out the new Krav Maga gym opened by Krav Maga Defence Institute and enjoyed their Krav Maga demonstrations and talks. 
After we hopped on the bus back to the beach and enjoyed a delicious ice cream from Pompei's (see my review of their ice-cream on the Hubby's blog - Simon's Foodie Challenge
Next we headed to La Macelleria to grab some of their delicious mortadella which we took home and had on the bread from Iggy's as our supper!  Reviews of the bread and mortadella can also be found on Simon's Foodie Challenge.
How did you spend your Sundays dear readers?


  1. Scary - but we were wandering around Bondi on Sunday as well!!!!
    Didnt see you guys though ;)

    1. How funny we must have just missed each other!!