Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#RE2014 - Reducing my clutter

After last months big closet reevaluation and clear out I am left with a little clutter around the place so this week I have vowed to take unwanted items to my local charity shop and to finally get some vintage items i'm selling onto eBay.

Having moved on almost a yearly basis for the last seven years the Hubby and I never really accumulate too much clutter. With each move unwanted items are donated, sold or taken to the tip. However I like to start the new year with a clear out and the next project on my list is my second bedroom.

Our second bedroom is mostly used as a library with 6 bookshelves taking up the back wall and as a guest bedroom. One day hopefully it will become a nursery and next year it will become my big sisters bedroom as she is planning on coming out to stay with us for a year. But for now it is looking a little like a dumping ground. The room itself is rarely used by the hubby and I so it has become a little stagnant.  Here is a before photo:

You can see that books have been dumped on the sideboard and not put back on the shelves so I reorganised the shelves to make it easier to get to books. I also tidied up the sofa bed and get rid of the unwanted clothing that has been dumped in there. Now the space is much more user friendly!

Here's a few before and after shots:


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