Thursday, March 6, 2014

#RE2014 – March: Re-imagine

This months buzzword for the #RE2014 project is "Re-imagine" To re-imagine something means to reinterpret it in a new way. So this month I will be re-imagining my whole life. Although this may seem like a big call. In truth it may just mean changing my outlook on things.

I will be writing posts about re-imagining my life to make it closer to the dream life I imagine (white picket fence and all!) and talking about how we can make steps to turn our dreams into reality. (Which incidentally is the byline of the original #RE2014 post created by Super Kawaii Mama which you can read here)

I will also be re-imagining some of the outfits that have appeared on the blog. In my post about reevaluating my wardrobe I mentioned that I was reticent to create outfit posts with items that had already appeared on the blog so this will give me the opportunity to overcome that and also to redux some outfits that I wasn't entirely happy with. I may also post so outfits that are re-imaginings of outfits from certain era's putting my own twist on them!

So lookout for these posts over the coming weeks of March!

In the meantime why not check out the #RE2014 pintrest board for more inspiration!  

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