Monday, April 21, 2014

Mad Men is back!

Warning: Contains spoilers!
After what felt like an eternity Mad Men is back for its seventh and final season. The series kicked off in in fine form with Don reuniting with Megan in Los Angeles for a few days whilst she is there perusing a promising acting career. Don is still on his forced indefinite paid leave from SCDP but is feeding his ideas into the company via freelancer Freddie Rumsen. Whilst in LA Don meets up with Pete Campbell who seems to have embraced the California lifestyle wholeheartedly.

Peggy is feeling Don's absence and feels like she is the only one that cares about the business however it seems that yet again she is not taken seriously as a woman in a mans world. Peggy's stress is added to when Ted returns to New York or a few days and she attempts to avoid him. She also has to learn to adjust to the new "Don", Lou Avery, who seems to have very little time for her. On top of that she is finding it difficult meeting the demands of her tenants.

Ken is feeling overworked so Joan offers to take over his scheduled business meeting with Wayne Barnes, the new Head of Marketing for Butler Footwear. Barnes' news results in Joan taking what she hopes will be seen as decisive and preemptive action in overcoming a potential problem, action which she hopes demonstrates that she deserves to be more than just a glorified secretary.

Roger meets with his daughter Margaret on her request. It seems the two have been somewhat estranged due to Rogers new lifestyle which seems to involve LSD and free love. Margaret tells him that she forgives him all his past failings and it seems the two will mend their relationship in this final series.

So it seems season 7 has kicked off with a bang. What do I predict for the rest of the season? Well it seems some characters seem to be on a nosedive whilst other are on the up and up. Pete Campbell seems to be doing well in LA and like this new more relaxed Pete hopefully we'll see more of this as the season goes on. In contrast to this it seems that back in New York Ken is struggling to keep up with the rat race and I can see a burnout in his future.

Roger still seems to be doing everything he can to avoid reality but with this reconciliation with Margaret I predict that he will turn his life around turning away from the LSD and free love.

It seems the women in the series Peggy and Joan are back to the dilemma that faced them in season 1 off not being taken seriously in a mans world. Joan seems to be taken control of this situation by taking decisive action with Wayne Barnes but how Peggy's situation will pan out is anyone's guess. I just hope she doesn't end up a bitter and single old landlady with an apartment that seems to be falling down around her!

And as for Don, well seeing him in this first episode I couldn't help but feel that Don belongs in another era. I think the time of the elder partners of SCDP as passed and Don certainly seems on the decline. It wouldn't surprise me if the season ended with Don's death or suicide and judging by the poster for this season it looks like we might see Don dropping acid at some point.

One things for sure I can't wait to see how the season pans out!

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