Sunday, May 25, 2014

What Emma Did - 25th May 2014

Hello dear readers and firstly apologies for dropping off the blogosphere for a while there but I am definitely back now and have some fab posts for you this week! But before I come to those I must let you know what I have been up to so without further ado recently I have been:
♥ Starting a new blog that concentrates on my Pagan beliefs called Walking the Pagan Path
♥ Watching many movies including R.I.P.D, Bus Stop, Niagara and the Prince and the Showgirl
♥ Seeing The Other Woman at the movies
♥ Going to the Sydney Vintage Show (which I will blog more about tomorrow)
♥ Going shopping with the Purple Fairy to Trade Secrets and picking up a Calvin Klein dress for just $30!
♥ Going to the French Fairies Mum's house for lovely Friday afternoon drinks
♥ Having my niece and great niece over for lunch
♥ Reading the Marilyn Monroe Biography

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