Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#RE2014: Reskill - Learning to Knit

Every winter I mean to learn to knit and every year I fail to even attempt it so this year I am picking up my needles and giving it a go. I started off downloading this guide from Spotlight and had a go at casting on and trying the basic stitches. With the help of this video which clearly shows how to cast on:
Now I'm feeling confident with the stitches I've picked up this simple vintage knitting pattern for a 50's Knit Shrug.
However I hit a snag pretty quickly as reading knitting patterns is like reading a foreign language but I found this fantastically helpful guide from Crafty Council and after reading this equally helpful guide about knitting up vintage patterns from Skiff Vintage Patterns I'm ready to start knitting. I will keep you updated of my progress.


  1. If you get stuck, give me a yell :).
    Also, - check it out if you're not on there already. It's like facebook for knitters :)

    1. Thanks Bex I will check out Ravelry and will be sure to give you a yell if (or more likely when) i get stuck! xx