Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Miss Pinup NSW 2014 Final

On Sunday the Hubby and I glamed up and headed over to Blacktown Workers Club to spend an afternoon surrounded by pinup lovelies at the Miss Pinup NSW 2014 Final. We went to cheer on the lovely Eszter who was competing in the category of Miss Perfect Pinup and also caught up with Miss Kitty who was last years Miss Prestige Pinup and Miss Mae Em who recently won the title of Miss Classic Pinup QLD 2014.

For those of you that haven't heard of Miss Pinup Australia well it is the biggest Pinup contest  in Australia in which women of all shapes sizes and ages can compete. Miss Pinup Australia is not a standard beauty contest and competitors are judge on their performance rather than looks or the clothes that they wear. Heats are held in each state in which competitors compete in the following categories:
Miss Perfect Pinup- this is for all pinup gals with a love for vintage glamour.
Miss Illustrated Pinup- this is for those gals that have tattoos and are visible when wearing normal clothes.
Miss Classic Pinup- this is for those glamour pinup gals over the age of 30.
Miss VaVaVoom Pinup- this is for those pinup gals over a modern dress size 14.
Miss Prestige Pinup- for pinups aged over 40
Miss Neo Pinup- for the gal who puts an edgy, colourful, extreme modern day twist on pinup.
Mr Pinup- This one is for the guys! Any man over the age of 18 can enter this category!

Contestants compete in 4 categories - daywear, swimwear, lingerie and a talent section.

The evening kicked off with ladies from each category competing in their daywear sections. A whole host of beautiful outfits were on display, next up was swimwear. Then after a short break came lingerie and talents.
After a short break the judges returned with the results which were:
Miss Perfect Pinup NSW- Candy Floss
Miss Classic Pinup NSW- G.I.Ginger
Miss VaVa Voom Pinup NSW- Dee Meanour
Miss Neo Pinup NSW- Brittni Cupcakes
Mr Pinup NSW- Harley Quinn

If you are in Sydney and you want to see all these lovely pinups live then you can book tickets for the Miss Pinup Australia 2014 Grand Final which is on 2nd of August at Hornsby RSL here!